Launching soon

It's been a long time coming...

After nearly a decade of StudioARE activity, it is time for a change like no other.

We have whole-heartedly dedicated ourselves to the idea of perfecting the concept of an internet community utopia where people can come to share their content and have fun sharing their interests with others in an atmosphere that is entertaining and engaging.

The result is the new StudioARE, which will be launching in 2014.

We don’t have a definitive date for you quite yet, but we do have something to help hold you out a bit longer before we launch. Scroll down for a little preview.


StudioARE’s new community and design is all about experiencing.

When people make content, they want to strike emotion and interest.
They want a response.

When people play games, they want depth and entertainment.
They want an audience.

Centered in this, we find that StudioARE needs to be a place where people should go to find people they can share experiences with - where they can play games, do what they enjoy, share things, and make a difference: big and small.

Some people want an escape.
We think we made it.


Finding content you love and care about is the most important thing in a social experience. You should have access to limitless types of content including video, art and graphics, photography, music, and more.

For this main reason, we wanted nothing to come between us and our userbase’s demand for access to a variety of work that is also created and published by our community.

...and now we've come full circle.

Well, that seemed like a fair preview. I hope you all are as excited as we are.

We’re looking forward to launching this and seeing you all in our new and improved community.

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